UCAWA Docking Video

I took some video while attempting to dock the FIRESTORM super carrier with GALCOM HQ. Granted, as soon as I actually touched down, it bounced me up into the inner depths of the station and I ended up getting sort of stuck there until I used the hyperdrive to get out. Still, it was a fun exercise :-)


You can download the free DivX player to view the video.

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UCAWA Asset Comparison Spreadsheet

Been following the great work of 3000AD over the years with the Battlecruiser series, renamed to the Universal Combat series. I just upgraded my machine and now have enough horsepower to handle it so I've been playing the latest offering in the franchise, Universal Combat A World Apart (UCAWA).

The Game Appendix provides detail on all the Assets (Carriers, Cruisers, Transports), but it isn't in a format which would make it easy to do quick side-by-side comparisons. I created a spreadsheet to help in this. See the below link.


If you don't have MS Office, you can download a free Excel viewer from MS or you could always grab Open Office.

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