FalconLobby v1.1 released!

Just released a new version, which addresses a couple issues which have been reported. You can download the latest version from www.falconlobby.com. Note that it should eventually be up on the LP downloads page, but until then, just grab the latest from the FalconLobby home page.

List of Changes

  • fixed handle/memory leak which could cause active servers to eventually drop from the list, despite still being active. this could also cause the client to stop being able to download the active server list. the fix was to replace the internal HTML viewer used for the "View Active Servers" tray icon menu with a call to view the URL using the user's default browser. this issue wouldn't occur if you just ran FalconLobby and never picked that item from the tray icon menu; anyway, it should be fixed now.
  • the server publishing dialog wasn't always updating the checkbox correctly based on the settings.ini file value. the app logic used the settings.ini file value, its just the UI that didn't correctly display the check.