Java "ping bug" fixed in build #58

The bug referenced in an earlier post with the Java ping functionality when running on Windows has been fixed in the most recent beta build (#58) posted on the snapshots page.

Java 1.5.0 build #58 fix list

If you download and install build 58, you should be able to run MultiPing without seeing the earlier noted problem due to the correction of this bug.


MultiPing v0.2 (beta) available

With v0.2, if you attempt to run MultiPing on a version of Java older than v1.5.0, a dialog will be displayed indicating that Java v1.5.0 or later is required.

This was done by added a bootstrap class which gets compiled to target Java 1.1. This class attempts to load the main class and if it fails due to a version conflict, displays the alert and exits.

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